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[Coop] Room Of Raco 1.1 08/24/11 6,035 Download
 A challenging map that involves some things that require inventive ways of using familiar game mechanics, impossible to explain without spoiling the puzzle :D.

I hope you enjoy my map! Please leave some feedback on the topic as well.

The installation instructions are put in the rar file itself, but they are the same as the ones for most other co-op maps.

Special thanks to NxSG for letting me use his awesome portal 2 themed music. This map features the track called 'Gravitation Field'. Be sure to check out his channel on youtube if you like it!
//Composer & Producer: Alexander Linhart/NxSG
//Track: Portal 2 Soundtrack (Gravitation Field)

1.1: PLEASE tell me if this version doesn't work o.0, doesn't let you hear the music or see the custom textures :D
-Changed the test sign, it now shows the correct test icons
-Added an exit sign at the exit
-Added a moon sign at the 'moon door'
-Prevented some unintended solutions
-Prevented standing on some walls sticking out

Videos featuring Room of Raco (and contailing some big spoilers, even in the thumbnails :D):

File Name: Room of
File Size: 8.35 MiB
Room Of Raco
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  • Save each map to the "C:\program files\steam\[steamid]\common\portal 2\portal2\maps" folder
  • Unzip any that are zipped
  • Run Portal 2
  • Enable the developers console. You can do so through Settings -> Keyboard -> Advanced -> Enable Developer Console.
  • Open the Developer Console by pressing ~ or ` (the key beside 1 and under escape)
  • Finally type "map" (without quotes) then the name of the map, and press enter. For example: map some_map_name
Note: If you are having lighting issues, type "mat_fullbright 1" into the console and it should fix your problem. Just make sure to set it back to "mat_fullbright 0" when you're done!