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[SP] Too Many Variables 1.1 04/08/12 2,305 Download
 This will be my 3rd release of maps. This has been in my collections of to be finished box for a while now, and even though the ending of the maps is kinda left on a cliff hanger i decided to release this none the less (else noone will end up playing these 3 levels)

As stated above, map pack as such contains 3 levels, starting on tmv_start and ending on tmv_002. You will see in the console it would continue to tmv_003 however i have not completed this map so i have not released it currently. I may go back and release this again at a later date...

I do not expect high remarks from these maps as they were really just some tester maps, however feedback and comments will be appreciated.

Take your time with them, and enjoy them!
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To Play These Maps:
  • Save each map to the "C:\program files\steam\[steamid]\common\portal 2\portal2\maps" folder
  • Unzip any that are zipped
  • Run Portal 2
  • Enable the developers console. You can do so through Settings -> Keyboard -> Advanced -> Enable Developer Console.
  • Open the Developer Console by pressing ~ or ` (the key beside 1 and under escape)
  • Finally type "map" (without quotes) then the name of the map, and press enter. For example: map some_map_name
Note: If you are having lighting issues, type "mat_fullbright 1" into the console and it should fix your problem. Just make sure to set it back to "mat_fullbright 0" when you're done!