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[Coop] Floor Plan 0.1 04/13/12 7,181 Download
 This test may not be for low end computers. I would tell you why but that would ruin the surprise. I tried to optimize as best I could so I hope it works well for the most of you.

Anyways, this map is basically 4 tests in one, each using an element from the previous test to gain access and complete the next one, using every element to complete the final test.

Testing elements include flings, cubes, funnels, lightbridges, and one dirty secret.

Bonus to those of you who can get the companion cube to the end, you only get one. If you fizzle it or get it stuck you can only respawn a regular cube.

Screenshots: ... ize_01.jpg ... ize_02.jpg ... ize_03.jpg ... ize_04.jpg

Video Playthrough:

So, good luck with the fps, I hope you enjoy this test. Blind play throughs are always appreciated as it helps seeing how other people understand the map.

v0.1 -
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To Play These Maps:
  • Save each map to the "C:\program files\steam\[steamid]\common\portal 2\portal2\maps" folder
  • Unzip any that are zipped
  • Run Portal 2
  • Enable the developers console. You can do so through Settings -> Keyboard -> Advanced -> Enable Developer Console.
  • Open the Developer Console by pressing ~ or ` (the key beside 1 and under escape)
  • Finally type "map" (without quotes) then the name of the map, and press enter. For example: map some_map_name
Note: If you are having lighting issues, type "mat_fullbright 1" into the console and it should fix your problem. Just make sure to set it back to "mat_fullbright 0" when you're done!