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[Coop] Abandoned Chamber 06/06/11 7,573 Download
 A forgotten chamber that's been left in dire need of some tender loving care. Though it may look painfully broken this test is still somehow functional just the cheeky wall panels have stolen the button cubes...

Theme: Abandoned/Destroyed
Elements: Tractor Beams, Buttons, Portal Motion/Flinging, Cooperation!

Have fun and happy testing!

Edit: A video walkthrough has been uploaded: ... ideo_title

If anyone has had particular difficulty with this map, noticed any "glitches" or just has some feedback I would really like to hear it!
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To Play These Maps:
  • Save each map to the "C:\program files\steam\[steamid]\common\portal 2\portal2\maps" folder
  • Unzip any that are zipped
  • Run Portal 2
  • Enable the developers console. You can do so through Settings -> Keyboard -> Advanced -> Enable Developer Console.
  • Open the Developer Console by pressing ~ or ` (the key beside 1 and under escape)
  • Finally type "map" (without quotes) then the name of the map, and press enter. For example: map some_map_name
Note: If you are having lighting issues, type "mat_fullbright 1" into the console and it should fix your problem. Just make sure to set it back to "mat_fullbright 0" when you're done!